Our Cleaning Services in Clapham

Best Cleaners Clapham’s Deep Cleaning – For Problem Areas


Specially suited to areas in your property which need a detailed clean, this deep cleaning service is conducted by trained professionals using highly effective products. You decide on the tasks which get focused on with this appointment. And then your team from Best Cleaners Clapham get to work…

Detailed Cleaning Which Works the Way You Need It To

  • You choose the tasks and areas which your detailed cleaning team will prioritise working on

  • Every technician who arrives at your door is a trained and thoroughly vetted specialist

  • Stay protected with our comprehensive employers and public liability insurance

  • Get the service you need whenever you need it, seven days a week

  • 24/7 support provided for you – give us a call and get a free quote or booking at your convenience

Your Service

This deep cleaning service will always be set up to handle your specific requirements. For example, do you need?

  • Prioritised cleansing for your bathroom, including the toilet, shower, bath, and sink

  • Specialist attention for your kitchen, with all work surfaces, cook tops, and cupboards having the priority

  • A more general detailed clean for your entire property, for a set length of time

Whichever type of assistance you need – and this can be much more than those listed here – simply tell us when you call to book. We’ll then tell you how long your appointment should be set for. You’ll be free however to choose any length you like, subject to our minimum booking length. You only pay by the hour for the work you need.

Book the Deep Cleaning Appointment You Want Now

Request a free quote or confirm your appointment now, by giving us a call on 020 3746 3052 or by filling in our online contact form. We’re here to assist you 24 hours a day, every day of the week and weekend.

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