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All-Surface Hard Floor Cleaning by Best Cleaners Clapham


Hire trained specialists with the advanced equipment needed to deliver any kind of hard floor cleaning you might need. Best Cleaners Clapham sends you experienced professionals who’ve dealt with all flooring materials before, directly to your door…

Hard Floor Cleaners With the Latest Tools

  • Specially selected cleansing method designed to match the needs of your flooring

  • Insurance cover provided for all work as standard

  • Properly trained professionals using advanced products from the acclaaimed Prochem range

  • Available any day of the week or at the weekend

  • Customer support on offer whenever you need it, so call now to get your free, no-obligation quote

How Your Service Will Proceed

The first thing your small team of specialist hard floor cleaners will do when they arrive is remove any remaining furniture and items from the area they’re about to clean. Though, in order to keep your appointment as efficient as possible, we do recommend that you move as much as you can yourself first.
They’ll then assess your flooring’s condition and material. We have the skills and equipment necessary to treat:

  • Hard woods

  • Laminate

  • Vinyl

  • Natural stone

  • Tiles

  • Slate

  • Marble

  • Concrete

  • And many other materials too

If in doubt, notify of us about your material when you call to book your hard floor cleaning services.
Your team will then select the most suitable product for cleansing and apply it gently, brushing in to many surfaces with a mechanised rotary machine. For hard woods and some others, we’ll only use the brush heads of the machine itself to achieve the most effective results.
We can apply a final coat of varnish, oil, or sealant as required on request.

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Get in touch and tell us about the material and condition of your flooring, on 020 3746 3052 and online 24/7. You’ll find a friendly adviser ready to help and advise you, and confirm your booking at any time

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