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Do you know how many times a day your upholstered furniture comes under attack? Dust, dirt, stains and small pests assault your sofas, armchairs and draperies every day. Yes, you can vacuum, but for extreme protection you need professional assistance. With our specialized service forupholstery cleaning in Clapham, your upholstery will shake off dust and stains in no time. One visit is all takes to extend the life of your furniture.

What Techniques Do Our Upholstery Cleaners Use?

No two sofas are the same. Age, patterns, overall condition and materials determine how your upholstery will be cleaned, but there are two fundamental cleaning methods our upholstery cleanersemploy – steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Synthetic materials can withstand water treatment and heat, which is why they are treated with steam cleaning. Your cleaning team washes your furniture with a mixture of heated water and a strong detergent to completely sterilize the fabric in no time.

Natural materials have to be treated without water. These fabrics are sprinkled with a sophisticated enzyme powder which absorbs the dirt and dust through powerful chemical reactions in the fabric. The only thing that’s needed is for the powder to be sucked out, and the material is left completely refreshed.

The Benefits to Using Us for Furniture Cleaning in Clapham

We know that the key to customer satisfaction lies in creating a well-rounded service that’ll please you at every step, from the moment you make your appointment, through the actual cleaning process, to our team’s departure. These are the characteristics we pride ourselves on

  • Discounts: Enjoy a lower price with the option to book more than one service. We often find that spring cleaning and carpet cleaning to go hand in hand with this service.

  • Efficiency: Our cleaning process has been optimised to the point the actual work takes very little time to complete.

  • Customer control: You are head of this operation. Appointment times, dates and the type of work needed can be changed at any time as long as it’s 24 hours before the agreed time.

  • Health-oriented results: To ensure your maximum comfort, the cleaning formulas used are lighter and environmentally friendly so that we turn your home into a healthier place to be in!

Securing Upholstery Cleaning Services in No Time

Dial 020 3746 3052 to get in touch with our customer care team. Our cheerful representatives will answer any questions related to our service, help you assemble your service package and give out information about available discounts and special offers. Our online booking form offers the same service.

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