Our Cleaning Services in Clapham

Why Us

Best Cleaners Clapham deliver huge range of top-class cleaning services for business or household clients. Since we have started back in the days we were able to build trust between us and our customers and to become a recognizable brand on the market of cleaning services. We keep close bond with all of our customers. The competitive pricing and services of exceptional quality helped us develop rapidly.
Best Cleaners Clapham have long and comprehensive list of professional cleaning services like domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and many more.
We have the best cleaning employees in sector. They are reliable, trained and skilful and because of that we can give you our 100% guarantee that you will be ecstatic of the results they achieve at every visit. They are trained to perform huge variety of services for workplace and domestic cleanings. Some of the top preferred services we deliver are domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

In the active everyday life you can grant yourself with spare time using our high end services. Frequently we offer special prices and low rates and our regular clients are taking benefits from more discounts from their desired cleaning services.

To make you sure of the quality of our services we backed up each of them with a full satisfaction guarantee. Our desire is you to be happy and fulfilled with the final outcome and the performance of our cleaners. We are always open to receive your opinions and comments in order to raise the level of our customer satisfaction.

Start saving money and time with choosing several of our services and in the same time you will get a peace of mind because you do not have to bother about that kind of tasks anymore.

Here are a number of the benefits you will get as our customer:

You will use services of a reliable and professional company.
Cleaners-fully vetted, skilled and trained.
Always uniformed cleaners in the distinctive clothing of Best Cleaners Clapham
Every time you will be visited by the same cleaner.
In case of absence you will be visited of reliable replacement cleaner.
We keep high-level of security. We know how important the home is for you. That is why we are offering responsible key holding and we will pay the expenses in case of losing.
You are charged only for the work that is done. No additional charges, just a fair rate according to the size of the property and the level of griming.
Variety of payment methods.
No long-term obligating contracts.
Best Cleaners Clapham brand is familiar and recognizable name in cleaning business.
We deliver cleaning services of high quality fitted personally for you.
Best Cleaners Clapham is fully certified according to the high standards of the cleaning industry.
Customer Service within reach any time you are in need.
Our staff is ready to help every time you want to. They are working 24/7.

Ways of choosing and checking our cleaners

To become a part of our professional team is not easy. We have established tight checking plan which screens off only the best of candidates for the job. They have to be passionate and motivated about what they do. Every applicant goes through the steps written below before we let them work with customers:

  • Checking of passport or ID card

  • The applicant must have all the documents needed to work in the UK.

  • Current and ex address – proved.

  • Written references of the former Employers.

  • The applicants are interviewed personally of our representatives.

  • In case the applicant is approved, it is assigned for our in-depth training program.

  • Supervised by our technicians during the training process.

  • On site test. Every cleaner have to pass a test for their abilities.

When our technicians are completely fulfilled of the level of the performance of the candidates they set them to work with clients. All of that is happening under close monitoring of the quality of the service implemented.

Operating the process

When the time comes to use our professional cleaning services simply dial Best Cleaners Clapham number and we will arrange everything. We know that you probably have some personal demands. Just talk with the team leader when the cleaning team comes. They will be glad to help and give you a piece of advice for free. We perfectly understand your demands and we will pick the best cleaners that suit your needs. In case you want to change the cleaner it is not a problem we will just send you some other of our professionals. You will also have personal manager who will follow your requests and will be always there for you.

Systematically visits from the same cleaner

We choose carefully our employees to make sure that they will work fast and professional. All of them are diligent and motivated! The staff is deliberately scheduled so they can be reachable in the time you need them.

Stable Service

In case we are not able to send you substitute cleaner when you demanded, and you skip a time of cleaning, you will get additional discount.

Professional Service

Each member of the cleaning teams we have is trained and prepared according to the top-standards in industry. You can expect nothing but the best cleaning results of our professional cleaners. They are vetted, equipped and educated about their work. You can fully trust them because they are top professionals.

Full Quality Warranty

If you have some sayings about the job done and you are not satisfied with the final outcome, we will be glad to come again and re-clean without any extra charges. The work will continue until you are 100% satisfied.

We Are Comprehensively Trained

We let our employees to go through our full training program. We have experienced supervisors which train every cleaner and constantly are developing approaches and level of efficiency.

You will be delighted after just a single visit!

We are responsible

The cleaners will act very carefully with all your stuff, but keep in mind you are secured in case of losing or damaging your belongings by the time our cleaners operate in your property.

How to end using of our services

The agreement has no end date so you can use our services as long as you want. In case you decide that the services are no longer needed, just send us a notice in advance.

Managing and Cost Effectiveness

We will make everything necessary for you to receive the most comprehensive and inexpensive service on market. You will receive service with real value without breaking your bank account.

Ways of Payment

You can the most comfortable option for you as we accept credit cards, cheques and cash.You have the freedom to pay on a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly basis. There are not any hidden taxes. Keep in mind that if our experts supply the equipment and detergents additional charge may appear. We will send you the proper cleaning team for you and our technician will follow close every action they take in order to ensure the perfect cleaning for you. You can always rely on Best Cleaners Clapham!

The support center is always ready to take your call 24/7. Call today and enjoy cleaning services in their finest!

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